It’s time to make a life change and stop being a victim of a dead-end job. Take it upon yourself to make the change that is right for you and become a dental assistant today!

We have moved into a new building with state-of-the-art facilities! This is a great opportunity to start a new rewarding career in the thriving Dental industry. People often talk about the struggle to find a good job. Dental assisting is an excellent job and there is a big demand for dental assistants.

One of the benefits of our school is that students learn in a classroom setting in addition to getting more than 50-hours of hands-on training in a local dental office. Upon completion graduates receive a Certificate in Dental Assisting. The right training will help you become a dental assistant and our school will help you achieve the perfect balance of hands-on experience along with classroom learning!

Check out the benefits of our dental assisting program and email or call (970) 372-4252 to sign up today!

Dr. Paul Bigus