Dental assisting is a career that is gaining more and more popularity. Dental assistants play a vital role in today’s modern dental office. In addition to interacting with patients, dental assistants are also responsible for taking impressions, x-rays, and digital images. They also help the dentists with all dental procedures, ranging from tooth fillings, bridges and crowns, to oral surgery.

With dental assisting jobs expected to exponentially grow at a much higher than average rate through 2022, there is no better time than now to pursue these career opportunities. If you have been wondering if a dental assistant career is right for you, see if you possess some of the traits that could help you be successful in dental assisting.


Dental assistants need to have good organization skills, as it is likely that they will have various responsibilities including patient relations, infection control, technology, and adhering to regulations. Assistants also have to escort patients to procedures, prepare materials, and even perform some level of data entry for patients records. As a dental assistant, being well-organized will help everything run smoothly and successfully.

Communication Skills

Naturally, as a dental assistant you will be constantly interacting with patients, dentists, and other staff members of the dental office. Being able to communicate on matters from patients’ needs, to dental hygiene instructions, to detailed instructions from the dentist, can make the difference between a decent dental assistant and a great one!

Attention To Detail

While much of the job focuses on good people skills, dental assisting is also a challenging career in the health industry, and being detail-oriented can make a huge difference. A good dental assisting program will teach you important details such as how to sterilize and prepare instruments, assist chair side, take and process x-rays, and keep patient dental records. Having a sharp awareness of detail can help you accomplish your daily tasks more easily, while still ensuring patient safety is of the highest priority.


As a healthcare professional, dental assistants are expected to have a distinct level of professionalism. Anytime assistants are interacting with others in this job, they are representing the reputation of the dental office they work at. This job also comes with its fair share of pressures and expectations, and your ability to be accountable, reliable, and put forth the standard of quality affects whether this will be the career for you.

Passion To Help Others

A career in dental assisting is one the is centered around helping others be healthier, feel more confident, and free themselves from pain and problems, which is why it can be a very rewarding career choice. However, it isn’t for everybody, and you should always have a natural passion for what you do or want to do. Having excitement and dedication to help others improve their oral health and well being should be a factor that inspires you to choose this career.

Ready To Become A Dental Assistant in Colorado?

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