As you decide what professional career you wish to pursue, you’ll need to consider the best value and return on your investment. If you are passionate about helping people and are looking for a stable job with plenty of room for upward mobility, a dental assistant position may be perfect for you.

Welcome to Dental Assistant School of Colorado. We believe in setting our students up for success for the duration of their professional lives, which is why we teach them everything they need to know to exceed in their field. Sign up for our program and enjoy the following benefits:

  • A short, 13-week program that allows you to find a dental assistant job quickly
  • Small class sizes for individualized attention
  • A professional environment from the very beginning
  • Affordable and quality education

Many of our students are offered a dental assistant job before graduating from our program, as there is no shortage of dental job openings! With the affordable price of our classes and the quality reputation of our program, we promise we are worth the investment. This certification will help you feel prepared for whatever lies ahead, as well as help you stand out as a quality applicant to potential employers.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our program schedule, pricing, and application process. We’ll talk to you soon.